Da SIlva Sousa Briana

When you sing


When you sing

The moonshine is sparklier

Than our world's only river


A drop of obliviousness

Runs downs the withered leaves

Old habits drowning in your schemes


A black and white movie

Hungry for that fire

Leaves behind the desire


In a room full of colourful sticky notes

Pinned all over my walls

Entertained by my drunken verities

Lure in my daydreams and thoughts


No need to retrace your footprints

To stumble upon your love songs

In the voice of the nightingales

I find them lost


In the warmth of my balcony

They get pride from romance

While sniffing my sweet scented-maybes

Ready to take a stance


I hum to this song

Not once daring to skip

Learning every word by heart

In harmony with every heartbeat



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