Da SIlva Sousa Briana




Marveleous muse

Hoped to be transparent


Through those teary eyes

Hints to be frost


An innocent mistake

The back of her pencil could flawlessly erase

If its twirl through her light fingers didn't disparage her


You shall kneel down

Besides the sparkling waters

Cup your hands

Drink the anguish away

Lurking in your trembling voice

It'll spread into the infinite fields

Relief growing within every sunset



She rests on the heavenliest bed

Her eyelids ever closed in

Her fingers running through those heartwhelming moments

When the world kissed the palm of her hand

And she ran off home grinning absurdly


They lend her happiness

As well as grief

As seasons change


Hooting utters in chorus

To honor the farewell of the purpled skies above her

A constant reminder

To fill the aggravating hollowness with her heart's desires

Finally, to dream through the night

Aware that snowflakes aren't frightening at all-

Just not the same.





Envoyé: 20:01 Sat, 11 March 2023 by : Da SIlva Sousa Briana age : 17