Da SIlva Sousa Briana

A glimpse into otherlife


A glimpse into otherlife

They've clipped my wings

Perhaps forever

Hope shines within that fierce flame

My lonely candle tenants

On that poet's frame


The storm eases my overcrowded mind

Raindrops slide down my window

Naturally its blinds are wide open

A peak hole into desperation

That brings pure beauty into life


I devour the romantic smell of paper

As well as every blissful scenario in my head

Until I loose my appetite


A glance into another protagonist's life

Isn't enough comfort for my heart

These sorrowful monologues entangle


Dampish earth slips through my inked fingers

I grip onto this very moment

With zero intention of releasing

My face left in full exposure

Soaked by the teardrop stains on my notebook


My mind is blank

The chirps of the birds

Varnish my blood

Leaving crumps of my first and last meal

On this everlasting pathway

Foolishly undecipherable


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