Barnaby Ford

Trapped in Hell

Trapped in Hell

By Barney Ford


Ellie jumped down from the dusty vent and into a dark and eerie room filled with spores. She quickly put her mask on just in case anyone was around and saw her without it. 


The room looked like an old office filled with desks and boxes of files that had been completely overturned by what looked like the infected. She stood up and turned on her flashlight but as she took her first step towards a desk for cover she heard a clicking sound. She slowly turned around to face the sound and saw a clicker standing only a couple feet away. 


A clicker is one type of infected human that has been infected for so long that the fungus has grown over their face and prevented them from using eyesight. So instead clickers use echolocation to attack and find humans. 


This makes them extra dangerous. 


A few seconds after just standing there silently and completely still Ellie finally mustered the courage to move away from the clicker. As quietly as possible she moved out of the way and made her way to what she thought was the exit. 


As Ellie prowled her surroundings looking for any more infected she would have to avoid or deal with, she saw an opening in a wall that was just big enough for her to squeeze through. But in that moment of realisation she lost her focus and alerted one of the clickers and a runner nearby. 


A runner is an earlier form of infection which is just an infected human which has no special ability or deformity. They are just extremely aggressive humans.


The runner saw her and came running and the clicker heard her and started to crawl its way over in her direction. Overwhelmed in the moment Ellie just ran. She ran as fast as she could alerting all of the infected in the area and making her chance of survival almost 0. 


She saw a narrow crack in the wall that she could squeeze through but it almost cost her her life as a runner caught her leg and was tugging at it relentlessly. Luckily she was able to grapple herself free by repeatedly kicking at the runner and getting out of its grasp. 


Quickly she moved through the crack and into a room free of infected and away from harm's way. To stop the infected from following her she swiftly moved a shelf in the way of the crack blocking any more infected from following her.


She was now in a very different environment. The room she was now in was airy and filled with greenery. It took her a while to take in her surroundings and get her bearings but once she did she knew where she was. She took out her soaked, old and outdated map to try and find her way back home but this building wasn’t registered on it so she didn’t know which path to take. 


She decided her best course of action was just to try and get down onto the streets and figure it out from there. She walked past the room with all the greenery down to a door leading to a dark and gloomy staircase. The door had its hinges taken off and splintered wood on the edges as if someone had barged through it. 


She took a deep breath, turned her flashlight off and on to make sure it worked, took out her handgun and cocked it and hesitantly but unblinkingly stepped down through the bashed up doorway into the darkness.


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