Aliyeva Elina

Sold Out


Sold out

I don’t like to wear necklaces or any other fancy jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and etc. 


In fact, I never had the option to because of my family’s economic situation.  


Both of my parents have low paid jobs so I have to share a room with my two small sisters which is a pain. Maddy and Lea always have something to argue about, even at 12 o’clock at night. They’re both twins and 13 years old while I’m 16. 


My boyfriend Michael, who is very caring, is the only person I can rely on in this stupid town. 


Occasionally, my parents let me see him when I’m not  studying. I’m mostly glued to my room. 


On one of the warm nights of July it was our sixth month anniversary and Mike decided to take me to a fancy restaurant after months of saving up. He gave me this gorgeous necklace. It was just stunning. It was silver and  covered in swarovski crystals with a heart pendant. I’ve seen similar ones in the movies. It shone in the lighting. My eyes were tearing up. I’ve never had nice things in my life. My birthday gifts were usually hand me downs of my mother which I can’t even call presents.


“I love it! This looks so expensive, Mike. How long did it take you to save up?” I said with a shaky voice.


“Let’s just say I haven’t eaten for a few months.” He said in a joking way and we both laughed.


He will never forgive me for what happened. Never. I will never forgive myself for leaving it out of sight. 


Last time I saw it I put it onto the nightstand table in my crowded room. 


I woke up and went to school and completely forgot about it. Totally went out of my head. I returned home and still forgot it was there and just started doing my homework. 


A whole week passed. Mike came back from his holiday and texted me where my necklace was. I remembered but still found it very weird that he asked. It’s mine after all, why is he questioning me? He was right to question me. I looked over to my nightstand and my necklace was gone. 


I froze. 


My immediate thought was that Maddy or Lea took it, so I went to check. 


My sister was arguing in the kitchen and arguing over a pink sweater. It’s my pink sweater, but I didn’t care. 


“I know one of you took my necklace. Give it back. Now.” I said in a serious tone 

“I don’t have your dumb necklace.It was probably Lea since she takes everything I own. Besides, you can’t even afford one.” Maddy snapped back


That’s true. I can’t afford one. I can’t afford to replace it. I cannot afford to lose it either. 


I turned to Lea: “Don’t look at me, I didn’t know you even wore necklaces.”


I rummaged through the whole house and there was still no sight of my necklace. I could barely let out a breath while Mike was texting me.




“I saw an ad online. I know you sold it.”


What ad? Sold? Why would I sell a gift? Is he serious? I called my mom to tell her everything.

“Mom, have you seen my necklace? It has a lot of crystals and it’s like silver I think. There is heart on it, Mike gave it to me. 

“Honey, we both know that didn’t belong to you. We saw it on your nightstand laying around. You definitely stole it and I am disappointed. I sold it to pay for the rent. You know we’ve been stru-” I hung up. I couldn’t believe my ears. My parents SOLD the only valuable thing to me. I broke down in tears, mascara streaming down my cheeks. How was I Supposed to tell Mike? I’m not going to. 


This is terrible. Absolutely terrible. 


Within a week I took all my stuff and moved out of my house. Away from this house, from this town. I don’t know what I’m going to do but I certainly know that I need to pay Mike back. Every cent. And be able to provide for my family without selling my family’s stuff. So far, I have 10 dollars and I need 5000. I feel like I’ve been sold. 


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