Gresham Xavier

Old School

The Old school


I was pacing the old school corridors up and down waiting for the headmaster to allow me in the 



The headmaster's office was at the top of the school. The floor was old, with creaking floorboards and the walls felt like cardboard after a long ten minutes, he finally opened the

door and I entered with a feeling of guilt but also excitement as I had never been in that room before.


 As I walked in I saw a torn couch and table with creases along the edges. I thought to myself that I was lucky to be out in the hallway rather than sitting inside the office. I sat on a dusty chair as the headmaster spoke to me. 


I should have paid more attention. I blocked him out as I was looking around the room. My head was not turned away from him but I could sense the anger he had. 


Finally, he broke my barrier and I could hear him shout at me like a needle into a soft pillow. 


“Do you realise why you're here?” 


I took a deep breath and thought for a while about what I did before asking 


“Could you repeat that?”


Now the headmaster was angry as he had figured that I was not paying attention at this point.


 I was on full alert as I remembered. I had been brought in for breaking a window. I could relive the moment of shattering the glass. Shards flew as the ball passed through. I glanced at my friends and I had seen the worry in their eyes. I started to panic and the atmosphere around me became a wild haze.


 I had heard one of the receptionists look outside from the jagged hole as she pulled me over and escorted me to the headmaster's office


I resumed the discussion with the headmaster but drifted off again and started to imagine what the objects in this old room were feeling like.


Dusty couch


Laying on the old floor sleeping peacefully that's what I was doing for 19 hours a day all alone so dull. Still, I like it that way I hate people who are always so intrusive I have not been dusted for years cleaned or taken care of why should I like people out of nowhere this man comes and sits on me blocking every airway. I thought I was about to die lucky he got up and paced the corridors.


After a long extended conversation with the Headmaster, I was finally dismissed from his office and off to second-period Math.


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