Eugenia Hermida

The Prisoner of the Sea

The buoy:

Floating is all I do. 


I have mussels and algae stuck all around me. I'm always at the same place at all times. I am a prisoner of the sea and I have a chain hooked on me to the bottom of the sea. 


I will never be free, it's something I already assumed.  


Today is another normal day, the sea is calm and crystal clear. I can even see the fish from the surface here trying to hide in between the algae or rocks when people pass nearby. 


A different seagull again came to perch on me and stayed for over an hour constantly annoying me. 


After the frustration of the seagull not leaving. As always in this time of the year, at this time of the day so many families come to pass the time at the beach and have lunch. I specifically know the families that come over and sit in front of me, I can always see them from a distance, like that, at least I can watch something different from water, algae, fish, crabs or just boring things I'm used to from the beach. 


It is always interesting to see them again having fun and like that I also have some nice time laughing because of them. 


Today though after lunch it changed from an ordinary day to an unusual day. 


Luchi, Cova, Maca and Euge are some of the girls that normally pass their time in front of me in the sea and I always see them from a distance. They look really sweet and it looks like they never get bored when they are together because of how they constantly laugh all the time at each other and you can see they have an impenetrable and odd friendship that not everyone can build. But today it was different. 


I spotted something which they normally don't bring to the beach. It was a big blue purple poodle surfboard. Initially it did not give me much importance but later on after four o’clock they went for a swim with the puddle surfboard, with major excitement compared to normal swims they have other days. 


They started coming closer and closer towards me on the board. 


When they were close enough for me to hear them I heard them so excited and shouting


 “We are closer to touch it.”


“We are almost next to the sea buoy.” 


When I heard that it became the best day of my life. I was gonna be able to see and hear the girls I’ve seen grow up and come to my beach all summer from a closer look. 


All they did was constantly laugh and have fun and when they were next to me I couldn't believe they were there. Now I could notice maca's freckles on her face, Luchi's hair sun highlights, Cova's polka dots around her face and Euge's peculiarly colourfully painted nails. But not everyone can always have an eternally extraordinary time. 


The happiness didn't last long. 


Once they were already with me the current of the sea started to become stronger and the waves became more vigorous. The girls kept trying to return to the seashore but they were not strong enough and they just kept going out to sea. The girls seemed frightened and they didn't know what to do until one of them said to get on the board and scream for help. 

Luckily a boat was passing close to them and fortunately the owners of the boat were kind enough to take them to the shore safely. After witnessing this situation firsthand, I have realised that even though I can't see them up close, it's better not to let them get close to me, otherwise they won't be safe.





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