Rivron Martinelli Lucile


One day I opened my eyes to find  darkness

Embracing me, caressing me, 

Like a black veil on my eyes

Hiding reality,

Transformed fantasies.

It felt like walking in the sky

Among the stars,

But there was no light.

The darkness, I’m sinking

It’s dragging me down

Now I’m falling, I’m fading

I’m gone.


Oh why did you leave me with a broken heart?

Oh why did you fall into the hands of the Dark?

Why wasn’t it me, why can’t I be next to you?

Oh how I love you, how I ache

Oh how it hurts when I think about you!


Oh why did you leave me with a broken heart?

Oh why can’t I join you on the other side?

Your eyes were like stars, like golden pools.

Now all I see is emptiness and darkness,

Now your face is barely even a memory

Why can’t I remember what you look like?

Why can’t I see my reflection in your eyes?

Why do I see stars in daylight?

And the sun’s rays during the night?

Now the world feels like a puzzle

And I can’t find the last piece,

If only you could be with me

I’d feel whole again.


Envoyé: 10:40 Tue, 14 March 2023 by : Rivron Martinelli Lucile age : 16