Oshkordina Elizaveta

Greek Airport

Greece: 9th February (sometime in the evening past sunset) 


I walk out of my plane and immediately get hit with warm heavy air. 


I made my way out of the stuffy plane and onto a crowded bus. Although the bus is around four times smaller than the plane I just spent hours in, yet they still somehow managed to cram all of us in there. 


Unfortunately, I did not find a seat so I have to stand and try not to fall on top of the short children in front of me. 


Although the ride was only about five minutes long it felt closer to around twenty minutes. The bus stopped in the middle of an empty parking lot. As I get pushed out of the bus by the people around me I get hit with the warm heavy air once again.  I get through the airport in a few minutes as my fluent greek seems to really help. I figure the airport staff has had enough of tourists and gets a sense of relief when they no longer have to push through another language barrier.


Airport staff:

My long work days are already bad enough as they are. 


I'm constantly sweating, hungry and tired. 


The last thing I need is for more young tourists to think they can speak Greek trying to start a conversation with me even though I can hear their thick accents from kilometres away. 


You would be surprised how many girls I run into like that.


Today this one girl started to throw random sounds at me. To be honest with you I thought she was speaking Russian to me at first.


I was too lazy to deal with it today so I stamped her passport and let her skip through immigration checkpoints at the airport. 


I felt like being nice to my coworkers today.



I feel so so tired. I'm so overworked. 


It's already my third flight of the day, and I'm unsure if my day is even over. 


At least it's warm here though.



I hate these work trips so much. 


It's March and it's already my eleventh flight of the year. If my job needs me to move around so much, why don't they just give me a higher position so I can just work from home?


I keep getting stupid text messages from my fiance, why can't she just leave me alone when I'm working? I'm seriously debating breaking up with her right now. 


And couldn’t this cheap airport start investing in air-conditioning on this bus?



He keeps leaving on work trips.


 You know, at first, it was nice having him gone. We would get space away from each other and rarely ever get into fights but now it's just way too much. 


Linda says he might be using these work trips as an excuse to see another woman. At first, I thought it was ridiculous but now I think she might be onto something. 


I mean think about it. First a trip to Paris then Rome followed by another trip to Paris and now Greece? I better start investigating his recent card purchases and all his friends on Facebook.


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