Wenzel Nicoletta

Dislike for Children

Dislike for children

By Nicoletta Wenzel


Dear Diary,


It's a very complicated day. 


Today I was taking care of the five little children which reminds me a lot of my childhood with my brothers, just with me finally being the oldest. They probably learned how to walk two years ago since they keep on tripping over their feet and can't stand up. 


They are so complicated and much to handle that they couldn't bear to give me free time so they make my life a living hell. I mean I love my job to an extent, but sometimes I am sick of the overwhelment of crying children.


Like today. I was teaching the children how to do turns in a single field line. When we went to the practice hill I started explaining today's task. Of course one child started crying and then the next. After a while when my co-worker came along we finally stopped them crying. 


I was so relieved when they stopped. 


I must say I had a temptation to push them down the hill so they would shut their mouths. And all this because they said bye to their parents. 


I was content that I didn't have to do this alone otherwise I would have been the one doing a tantrum. 


First to warm up we did some stretches and surprisingly all the children were delighted and paid attention for once in their short life. After my coworker said we are warm enough to take the lift up. As we approached the lift that takes us to the top of the practice hill a girl didnt know how to get on. We taught one by one how to enter and leave the lift. 


Everyone out of the group slowly got it and as we approached a girl lost her skis while going up. Therefore, The lift needed to stop and I needed to get the ski all the way down. Sliding and slithering past the people's feet and seeing the puzzled faces tracing the skis up and down almost mesmerized down the hill. First asking themselves with confusion why they stopped and then with understanding.


I tried to cover my annoyed face so I told myself that I will be home soon and can take a break from the children. So I hid my actual face and pretended that I found the situation quite funny even though it wasn't. Since the children started laughing too much like an evil wizard. 


When we got on the hill we first tried going in a snake which didn't work out because the children kept falling down like in a domino effect, which I found amusing. It was like karma got to them for annoying me that much.  


Although after a few tries I finally succeeded and could go down the hill in a perfect line taking turns with the children. I must say I was very proud of myself and couldn't believe that the training helped so much. I must say it was the first time I felt joy towards children. Even though practicing in a single file was hard because the children couldn't keep still, 


I kept my patience and it paid off eventually.


When I got some free time from those kids at lunch where their parents picked them up. 


Now I have to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the kids and how often they cry so I can make a plan to feel the same joy. I am so relieved I only have to take care of five children and not ten so it's more bearable. Especially that one kid. 


She kept on falling asleep while on the slope and I thought she was gonna die if someone would slide over her sleepy body but it showed me that I could care for a child. It also showed me that I am not that full of the desire to burn them alive.


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