Karlstedt Adrian

Sams Lost Treasure

Everything seemed like a normal day. 


It was the last day of school and all the students had gone to the park after school with their families. This park wasn’t very big, but it fit a whole load of people. It had a lovely pond in the middle with hungry ducks and coy fish and there were big and green trees towering over the paths. 


It was the most perfect day. 


The sun was shining brighter than ever. The sky was a very beautiful blue color. 


The young children were screaming and playing with joy all over the park. All the parents were having a good time at the park restaurant. 


The park was so densely packed with people that the children couldn’t even run around anymore. 


For everyone, this seemed like a normal day at the park. But for a little boy named Sam, something that he found at the park that day could have changed his life forever. 


It was sunset, the sky was turning an amazing orange and purple color. 


All the parents shouted at their children, “It’s time to go!” Everyone started to leave the park. 


But this was when Sam found something hidden under the tree.


The tree was tall and old. Its leaves rustled nicely in the wind. Some of the branches had fallen off from the storms and others from children hanging on them. Under the tree, laid a big and golden chest. It was plated in all different kinds of diamonds and was covered in spider webs. 


Sam tried to get it out of the hole, but it was too heavy. He tried again and again but the old thing wouldn’t budge. Sam was frustrated and since it was getting dark Sam decided to head home and he would return the next day with some of his new friends to see if they could get the huge and heavy chest out of the hole and get it open to see what was inside.  


Sam had just arrived home from the park. He could not stop thinking about the chest that he found under the tree. He was wondering how it even got there and how no one had found it before him. But besides this, he was very excited. 


He texted his friends about the chest and they were a bit skeptical but they decided to meet up with him the next morning. Sam tried to go to sleep but he could not stop thinking about what he had found that day. 


Eventually he fell asleep but he was dreaming about what he could have done with the chest. 


Sam woke up to the frustrating and annoying sound of his alarm but he was very excited. He got ready for the day and made his way to the park. 


All of his friends were waiting for him but they were also doubting him as they did not think he was telling the truth about the chest.


 The sun had just risen and the cold wind was bristling through the trees. 


Sam went back to the old tree with his friends and when they looked under the tree, the chest was gone. Sam was in shock and could not believe it was gone. 


His friends exclaimed, “You lied to us! There's nothing here!” 


Sam was disappointed and sad. The thought of him losing his friends made him sick. He knew he wasn’t dreaming and he knew that he really saw the chest yesterday. 


His friends left him and Sam was miserable. 


But he knew that he had to show them that the chest was really there. 


So he ran home, did some research and decided to come up with a plan to find the chest again. 


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