Ford Alice

Where the Sea and Shore Meet

Where the Sea and Shore Meet


The blazing sunlight shines through my thin windows, as I wake up from my heavy sleep.


I can already hear the seagulls glide over the holiday cottage we borrowed. I can still taste the salt on my dry lips, from when we went swimming in the sea last night. 


My hair is now stiff and full of salt, yet it is still significant and curly.


I stretch my long legs until my toes are just peeking out of the covers. 


I get out of my comfy bed and walk barefoot on the wooden, creaky floor down to the kitchen where mum is making bacon and eggs. The smell of the sizzling bacon brings back many childhood memories, as I sit down for breakfast. 


The sun shone through the big windows in the kitchen revealing the big blue sky, with no cloud in sight. You can see our wetsuits and swimming costumes hanging on the line, still full of sand. But we don’t care because either way, sand gets everywhere. 


I finish my breakfast and put my plate away into the dishwasher. I walk down to the beach with my mum for a morning swim. The sun burns our tan and freckled skin straight away, so we make sure to put some factor 50 sun cream on. The smell of sun cream always brings me comfort.


We find a spot at the calm beach as we change into our bikinis, using dry robes. The sand is sticking to our sun-creamed bodies as we lay our towels down, ready to be laid on. It was only 10 am so it was only us and another couple. The small, gentle waves were crashing against the shore, making a soothing sound. 


Mum and I started walking into the sea, before we noticed some small crabs on the shoreline. There were so many, yet they were unbothered by us. We keep walking, hoping we don't get pinched. 


The water was so clear you could still see the bottom, even in the deep. I go deeper, while the cool, but perfect-temperature water, hugs me, pulling me in. I start swimming as I lay on my back. Letting the waves push me up and down, I take deep breaths and close my eyes.


It goes silent, and the only thing I can hear is my steady breath. It almost feels like the water is rocking me like a baby, trying to get me to fall asleep. I lay on the surface of the water for another 20 seconds, until I opened my eyes, making sure the current hasn't fully pushed me out to sea.


 I put my head underwater, making my big, curly hair go flat, absorbing all of the saltiness in the water.  I dive down into the water and touch the sandy bottom. I come up and taste the salty water on my lips. It burns my dry throat and makes my eyes sting. 


The sun is now slowly rising, making it become the afternoon sun. It is now nearly the hottest time of the day, the small waves, glistening more than ever, looking like waves of glitter.


On the horizon are a couple of sailing boats. It isn’t a windy day today, so they don't have their sails out and are using their motors instead. 


On the side of the beach are paddle boarding rental shops, where you can rent one for a day, for only 5 euros a person. It's a Sunday morning, so it is closed.


 There is a quiet road that leads to the beach, coming around the cliff, that towers above the sea. Some crazy people have even tried jumping off it. I am very scared of heights, especially if it is cliff jumping, you never know how deep the water is. 


As my mum comes back from her relaxing swim, she joins me as we swim back to the beach together, where the sea and shore meet.





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