Jiang Ella

An Accident


Two weeks ago: a lovely summer’s day with warm sun and a gentle breeze 


My friends and I were biking on a familiar road viewing the beautiful scenery and feeling relaxed. 


But then out of nowhere, a car veered onto the road in front of my friend, before my friend could react, the car slammed into her. 


As her bicycle collided with the car, the car's glass cracked and metal crunched noisily.


The sound echoed down the street, people ran out of their homes to see what was going on.  


My friends were motionless on the ground. I was in shock for a few seconds before realizing what had happened and calling an ambulance. 


The driver instantly got out and checked to see if my friend was still conscious. 


Others nearby were also attempting to aid. 


Except for the broken glass, the car only had a small dent, but my friend's bike had been completely destroyed. 


When the ambulance came there were more and more bystanders gathered around, the paramedics got down from the ambulance and quickly put my friend on the stretcher. Two of them asked me if I could contact their parents. 


After solving a series of things, I got back home and shared this astonishing story with my parents.  



I recall being on my way home from work one day when it was the last day before the holiday. I was delighted and wondered about where I could spend my holiday.


I drove down a peaceful residential street and my phone suddenly rang. I glanced up to make sure there was no vehicle in front of me before reaching for my phone in the passenger seat. 


My friend sent me a funny image and Laughed and totally forgot I was driving.


When I looked up at the road after responding, I noticed a girl about 10 meters in front of me. I panicked and stepped on the brakes instinctively. 


But it was too late, and I heard a deafening screeching sound before the girl noticed it. The glass in front of me is shattered.

My eyes turned dark after being struck. I almost forgot who I was for a few seconds.

I quickly drove over to the side of the road after calming down.


 I couldn't believe what had just occurred to me. I got out of my car and ran over to the cyclist, who was motionless on the ground. I was afraid that this young girl had suffered serious injuries. 


To make things worse, my car didn't even have a dash cam. On my first day off, I could be fined for a big amount or even imprisoned. I couldn't bear thinking about it, so I asked the people gathered around me to call an ambulance. 


Her bike was crushed to pieces, but my car is nearly undamaged except for a tiny dent. I wasn't too concerned because the insurance would cover it.


Thankfully, the girl was still conscious after a few seconds of aid. The ambulance arrived on time and the paramedics put the girl into it. A few traffic cops came to ask me to explain the circumstances.


Finally, because I was not at fault in this accident, the insurance company will pay for my broken car and the girl. I didn't say anything about texting while driving. But it still deeply reminds me to be a more careful driver, paying more attention to cyclists and pedestrians.


Friend’s perspective: 

My friend and I decided to have a picnic over the weekend, and for various reasons, we decided to ride our bicycles to our destination.

 I was very excited the night before, so I went to the market and did a lot of preparation.


It was a lovely afternoon, and my friends and I were riding down a familiar road, viewing the scenery and feeling at rest. I was still bad at pedaling a bicycle, and it was always shaky. 


My friend made a joke about how I ride a bicycle, and instead of looking forward, we both chuckled. A car appeared out of nowhere on the road and drove continuously forward at a high speed. 


It was too late to take action and step back. I stood helpless as the car slammed into me. I was thrown against the window, breaking a fragment of glass.  My head collided with the iron so forcefully that I passed out.


I had no idea how long it had been. I was startled awake by a man who appeared flustered, but I don't recall anything else. I was carried into an ambulance, which I thought was quite noisy, but I soon blacked out again.

I awoke later that morning. My head still hurts, but my consciousness has returned; I recall what occurred and see my parents seated in the hospital room, looking at me.


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