Cavuoto Sarah

Unsinkable Society

Roaring water is approaching them fast;

Relentlessly rushing through their running veins;

Rapidly rising, the deadly flood, source of all their pains;

The ruthless cold pressuring the rose to wither and join the past.


She may be the only bud to resist and bloom,

Some other flowers appear to take on a levitating bent,

Surprised their last summer had already been spent,

Sorrowful greed never saving them from the solitude of their tomb.


But why should they care?

In a world where physicism possesses the utmost power;

A single plant's plan's support is assured to remain rare;

The singular flower’s withering never bothering others for many an hour.


As they remain forced to try and sprout;

While the panjandrums create other live's shadows,

Rudely ignoring the penetrating shouts;

Disguising and masking themselves with the everlasting glittery bows,

Ruining even the last one of their utopian thoughts.


Envoyé: 16:07 Sun, 24 March 2024 by : Cavuoto Sarah age : 18