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A usual sunday walk

A usual sunday walk 

Anna’s perspective:

I will never forget that day, it was a late morning on Sunday when I decided to take my horse for a walk in the forest. 


I could smell the hot breeze of summer on its way to the end. The tranquillity of nature was all around me. Birds in the foliage were chirping and twittering in far-off melodies to their relatives, yet the only bird sound that echoed in my mind was the bee's laughter. I also vaguely heard a doe galloping in the woods, but the most noise I heard was my horse walking on the leaves. I love this sound, it shows a place of such peace and tranquillity. 


I was moving more and further away from the stables. 


It was such a beautiful day that I decided to go for a lengthy walk in the forest. But the bee that had been bothering me for the previous two kilometres suddenly spooked my horse. My horse galloped off the horse track. As the bee got closer, Hector began to move more quickly. 


I panicked and attempted to talk to Hector quietly. I tried to swing the bee away, and pull the reins but none of it helped so I just let him gallop till Hector was exhausted. 


More than the bee, I was anxious about where my horse was bringing me. My horse eventually stopped galloping and was exhausted. For the remainder of the stroll, I walked him. 


Then I realised I was clearly lost. 


Nearby, there were no roads. There was nobody to advise me. I just could see the green trees and muddy ground to my left. The far-reaching fields on my right. Also, I could hear in my head the sound of an internal alarm beeping, which was the sound of fear that I would stay here for the remainder of the day.


I had an idea, I am going to let my horse lead the way. Maybe he will know where to go. He was walking in the right direction I think, but then the bee came back. 


I thought I had the right solution to go back to the stables, but I didn’t.


Hector’s perspective:

I'll never forget that late morning after I finished my muesli and green hay. When Anna, my rider came to see me, I was overjoyed to get out of this little box. 


Anna cleaned me up in the brush area. She also put my saddle and bridle on, which I appreciate. Anna then moved me out. She took me to the forest, where I enjoyed galloping. I can feel the fresh air entering my nose. We started out walking to warm up. When I was annoyed by a monster with wings. I was terrified because I had never seen anything like this before. 


I began to gallop. I began galloping away from the yellow and black hairy monster, but the flying monster pursued me. I began to gallop faster, but my rider was hurting me by pulling on the reins and she was shouting at me, so I accelerated thinking there was danger. 


After a while, the monster vanished away, and I began to walk, but I was exhausted; I had never galloped this fast before. Anna was probably upset with me, but I couldn't do anything because I was terrified; it's not my fault.


After that, I think we got lost because my rider kept going left and right while I knew the way home. It was far to the left. She didn't head far, only 5 metres to the left and right, down and up. It was my eating time, and I wanted to go back to my friends.


The bee’s perspective: 

I was having a normal work day in the forest when a human and a huge creature attacked me. 


The human started to slap me, and then she ran away.


I was so mad that I began to chase them, they kept annoying me. 

But then, I saw a beautiful flower, so I had to continue my daily work otherwise my boss would get mad.


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