VENTI Valentina

Letter to a lost soul

Letter to a lost soul


Dear Valentina, where are your dreams ?

Where are you gone, why don’t you fight ?

Your lost face doesn’t look as it seemed

And your sorrowful cries wake me up at night.


Where are your unstoppable laughs, your dancing moves

In the apartment all day, with the music playing loud ?

Where is your childhood happiness, where did you lose

Your sweet moments of joy in may’s sunny crowd ?


They haven’t seen me broken, let them come.

They haven’t felt me slowly dying, let them see.

They haven’t heard me scream, let them run.

Nor they haven’t seen me fall, let them be.


I want to find a place where I can see myself again.

Not drowning in my despair,

Not swimming aimlessly, weakened,

But just learning how to breathe my own air.


I want to be done with those nights of overthinking

Of driving myself into oblivion and crashing into sadness

I don’t want to live my life hidden and becoming

A meaningless human unable to confess.


Dear Valentina, do you really want to jump

Into the darkness of your thoughts,

And the mournful ocean of your life ?


Dear Valentina, do you really want to feel

That increasing pain breaking your heart and soul

And never feel sweetness again or feel alive ?


That heart wrenching loneliness filling your heart like a bouquet

Could maybe fade away one day, who knows ?

There may be sun along the way

Of a life without the same obsessive thoughts.


There may be a recipe to fix a heartbreak aftermath

There may be light at the end of the path

There may be love instead of pain

There may be hope running through our veins.


Dear Valentina, please love yourself

Don’t let them steal your joy.

Instead, look in the mirror and tell your old self :

“Here I am, and I won’t give them more”.



Envoyé: 14:30 Tue, 14 March 2023 by : VENTI Valentina age : 15