Alice Milillo

The incident

The Incident

Living in a park is very exciting, you are never bored or alone. As a rock my life might seem dull but I can ensure it is not like it seems. I am a rock so all I can do is stand still grounded to the terrain and observe everything that happens around me in the park where I stay. 


Just like every other park, where I live there is a different audience for every hour of the day. For instance in the morning there is a group of adults who get dressed like professional runners start running around the park in circles. Around midday teenagers usually come, they all bring their lunch to sit in the grass and eat. 


It was one of those warm spring days and I was chilling in the sun like I always do, hoping to get tanned a bit. I’m used to kids. Every weekday at five o’clock the park where I live gets invaded by noisy kids and their nannies. I am pretty sure they end school at four thirty. I assume it takes about thirty minutes to get to my park. It took me a while to get used to those noisy kids but now I know when it happens so I can get my self ready for their torture every afternoon. 


The day of “the incident” started like any other day. I call it the day of the “incident” since it’s the first time something like that happened. As always at five o’clock the park was invaded and since I can’t do anything about kids I was just preparing myself for the kid’s arrival hoping that they would leave the park as soon as possible. Here comes the first kid. Oh sorry I forgot to explain you why kids torture me. I am a rock and just like any other rock I have a still shape. Well, kids love to climb on me and pretend that they can see everything from my summit. As I was saying, here comes the first kid. 


He’s a little boy, I don’t think he is going to make it and in fact he doesn’t so he just leaves with the disappointed face that all kids make whenever their parents don’t buy them the toy they want. After a while he comes back followed by some other kids who then decided to spend the entire afternoon climbing on and off me. Finally after some hours of torture the kids left except for one girl. It took her some time to climb because her shoes made her slip. She climbed and sat down on the top for a while. She was astonished by the sunset that she could see from the top. After some time an old man called her. 


Her name was Alice and I assume that was her grandpa. Alice tried to climb off but she slipped and ended up rolling down me. All this happened so fast that I only remember the sound of a bone cracking. Right when Alice hit the floor she started crying, I had never seen anyone crying like that before, she was desperate. The old man came running to her. Imagine this scene: a girl crying and screaming from the pain after she rolled down a rock, her grandpa desperately running towards her with the breaths he has left to breath. The saddest and funniest scenes I have ever seen happened within 5 minutes. 


I have always blamed myself for this sad event because I am the reason why Alice’s bone cracked. Despite this I feel better about myself since Alice came to the park and climbed on me using just her right non-casted arm everyday until she was able to climb using both her arms. I hope her grandpa recovered from the sprint because I haven’t seen him ever since the incident we had.

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