Santos Abreu Mariana

My little Peace


My little peace

Would I still continue wanting to dream if I knew it was all a dream? Maybe this time I would choose to live a real life instead of wishing for a dream.

Even if I decided to live on, I wouldn’t be able to wake up. Why do we decide to live this completely ignorant life, being fully aware that we have the freedom of choice? I’m not saying we could easily escape this prison but at the same time, it’s so easy to just stand up and throw something, scream out of the top of our lungs, or start running into an unknown destination. I think we all just wait until the day that those impulsive thoughts get the best of us and we get to run free, blaming society for our madness.

The snow was falling on my face and I knew it wasn‘t real but waking up would hurt me more than continuing to live in this delusional state. There was something comforting about repetition and oblivion that made me obsess over this peace of life, dreams I mean. We sat down together and saw a bright future in front of us, putting promises out there and scaring each other for life. Let’s hide under the warm blanket of snow, we agreed, even being fully aware of the lies. They’re comforting. I didn’t want to let go, I wanted to stay there like the first night. Both nights were similar, but one was a dream and the other real, wishing to be a dream.

It was only an extract of what I could really do, I was free to live everything I wanted to experience, and still, I couldn‘t help but to stay in a commonplace. A dream everyone has. I‘ve always wanted the freedom to create and be, but as soon as I have the power to, I don‘t know how to deal with it.

What is something you‘ve always wanted? I can make it happen. Would it be real? No, of course not, it‘s just a dream.

It was a dumb decision to make it my life work, my one and only hope, but I just needed it like nothing else. It‘s my mission to find a way to dream forever. Another chance, a new beginning, no cheating, and most importantly no rules. The world would be mine, mine to create and live.

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