Lang Strohmeier Paloma

somewhere in the jungle

Somewhere in the jungle

Far of, in the middle of the Brazil jungle,

is a place that has been left for animals and plants to rule.

No human has set foot on this place for many centuries.

In this strange place, where animals and plants are the kings and queens,

is a palace at home. Its walls are covered with moss

and on its foundation glide a great deal of snakes.

Over the years numerous plants have climbed to its roof

until it was covered by greens.

Countless animals have passed through its embracing doors.

All the plants, animals and even the palace at this place in the jungle

have achieved their purpose in life.

Way back this place has been built by humans

whose knowledge has been forgotten over the generations.

In this day and age no one in the world know about this glorious palace.

A palace that holds thousands of treasures.

Over time this place has become a myth.

A legend such told if one should ever set foot on its grounds

will be haunted until death parts them from the palaces spirit.

People believe it to be a place of imagination, misery, and pain

but also, a place of treasure, wealth, and perfection.

Therefore, be aware of this place when you wander in the depths of the jungle.


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