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The Lonely Cabin in the Woods

The Lonely Cabin in the Woods

He had always been a solitary man. 

He had spent most of his life in the city, but had always felt a strong pull towards the wilderness. When he was young, he would escape to the nearby park to find peace and quiet, and as he grew older, he would take increasingly longer hikes, eventually leading him to the deep woods. He was always fascinated by the peace and tranquillity that came with being surrounded by nature, and he yearned for a life in the woods. 

So, when he inherited a small cabin in the heart of a vast forest, he knew that it was time to make his dream a reality.

The cabin was old and rundown, but it had a sturdy frame and was nestled deep in the woods, away from the noise of the city. He had always been handy, and he set to work immediately, repairing the roof, replacing the broken windows, and installing a small solar panel to provide electricity. 

He built himself a small garden, planted some vegetables, and stocked the cabin with non-perishable food items. He also bought himself a hunting rifle and learned how to trap and fish.

For the first few months, he felt like he was in paradise. He would wake up early each morning to the sound of birds chirping, make himself a cup of coffee, and sit outside on the porch, watching the sun rise over the treetops. He would spend his days exploring the forest, hiking to nearby lakes, and observing the wildlife. The nights were quiet and peaceful, and he would often sit outside by the fire, watching the stars twinkle above him.

However, as the months turned into years, John began to feel the loneliness that came with living in isolation. 

He had no one to talk to except the occasional hiker or ranger that he would come across in the forest. He missed the buzz of the city, the hustle and bustle of people going about their lives. He longed for companionship, for someone to share his life with.

Despite his loneliness, he was determined to stay in the woods. He found solace in his routines, in the familiar pattern of his days. He began to keep a journal, chronicling his observations of the forest, his thoughts and feelings, and his hopes and dreams. He also started carving wooden figurines, using his hands to create something beautiful out of the raw materials around him.

Years went by, and John grew old. 

He had become a fixture of the forest, a hermit of sorts, known to the occasional passerby as the man who lived in the woods. He had found a measure of peace and contentment in his life, and despite his solitude, he knew that he had lived a life true to his heart.

One day, as he was sitting outside on the porch, watching the sunset, he saw a young couple walking towards him. They were lost, looking for the nearest town, and John took pity on them, offering them a place to stay for the night. They accepted, and over dinner, he regaled them with stories of his life in the woods. The young couple was fascinated by his tales, and as they went to bed, they thanked him for his hospitality.

As he lay in bed, listening to the sounds of the forest around him, he felt a sense of contentment wash over him. He had lived a long and fulfilling life, and even though he had spent most of it alone, he had found joy and peace in the simple things. As he closed his eyes, he knew that he had no regrets, and that he was exactly where he was meant to be. 

The soft chirps of morning birds and the bright and hot sun woke him up. The love for these mornings would never leave him. He could relive them every day without any problems. Alone, but peaceful. No person, animal, or thing could ever make him un-pleased. Because he was all alone. All by himself in the dense green forest, the surrounding towering trees with only small glimpses of light shining through.

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