Döring Parage Gwen Maia

The Fighter


The Fighter

When the shadows come and the lights fade out,

I try my utmost to keep the candle lit

and to let the shine spread through those I hold dear and those I meet

to give back some warmth to humanity.

Everyone praises me for my inner shine

but no one asks me what it takes to keep this candle alive!

When everyone loses hope but I am strong saving others from the eternal dark

No one asks what it takes from me.

When others lose hope, they fall and break down,

they wonder how I can keep my candles glow.

They say that I´m strong, that I give them hope,

but what is hope if it doesn´t last long?

I can never falter, took the burden upon me

to show others their path and keep them from falling.

They say I am a fighter, they say I am strong, but I ask myself – for how long?

I put on a happy face when the candles burn low

and they‘ll hopefully fall for my strategic show.

Deep, deep down I wonder when I lose hope and fall into shadows, who will be my saviour?

I cannot ponder on such things because if I should falter

who should keep up the candle and bath me with light?

If I lose hope the (said) strongest of them all, will be this our final fall?

They say I am strong, unwavering,

when deep down I am just a sad little human being.


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