Döring Parage Gwen Maia

Colourful world


Life from a different perspective is difficult for others to see,

to be able to look through another kind of glasses, 

not easy to believe,

if you ask me, I see life in colours,

every person I meet, walks in the shine of another,

they are constantly mixing and fixing a rainbow wherever I go.

Happiness, hate, sadness and fate,

I perceive in colours as well, so if you ask me, I can tell, in which colour I saw the emotion,

a colourful mixed potion with bubbles and glitter.

As such, life, eventful or not, is accompanied in my vision by peculiar shades of different colours, some lighter than others,

darker including people and their lives.

When I think of the happiest moments in my life, rainbow colours explode around me.

When I think of the darkest, I fall in a dark sea of nothing.


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