Michem Marie-Laure


We are all made of star stuff, but listen, because we are no light.

For our barren and darkened souls have been godforsaken and now nothing is right.

Animals, pure animals we are, just another species on the planet we call earth.

As nothing can cleanse our stained souls, no death or rebirth.


We are rotten apples, because nearly the entire bunch has been spoiled by the few.

Starting from the fruit of knowledge to everyday anew.

We may have risen many times, but we have fallen even more.

As we have scarred every part of our little core. 


We have fought many battles, but most weren't for the truth.

As we slayed each other in search for something bigger, sometimes even truth.

What do we get other then a bunch of dead bodies and souls deeply scarred.

We become unable to feel empathy anywhere in our heart.


We see ourselves as superior species, but are we even more then parasites?

As we live of of other animals and don't even respect eachothers rights.

We wish eachother death, and simultaneously we search for a life with one and the same.

And we can live on with that life style without any shame.


And maybe the star stuff didn't create light, only a black hole.

One that consumes and consumes to try to fill a heart that will never be whole.

As we lose ourselves to lust and glutony, have we become animals or even worse?

As we create our own doom, have we become our own curse? 


We are all made of star stuff, but black holes were once stars too.

So what does that make us? As we take and take, but only give back a few.

We are born like protostars, from dust we rise.

And to dust we'll return, as we once again become stars in the skies.


Or do we become an ever consuming black hole in the universe?

Our influence negatively set in stone, like a dooming curse.

But aren't we the ones who wrote the history down for future generations to read?

Have we just become so damned, that we have accepted our endless greed? 


Our souls bathe in darkness, maybe that's why we're attracted to light.

And maybe we can feel the end coming near, and that's why we're filled with fright.

As time ticks by, so does our life and the Earth.

And maybe that's why the first thing we have ever done was cry at birth.


Scared of the future, keeping our eyes closed for the light.

Scared that we will lose the safety we felt in the deepest of the night.

Eventually unable to resist, we open our eyes to this cursed Earth.

As we get plunged into the darkness of the world, right from our birth.

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