Esch 2022
Esch 2022
The finalists of the 7th European edition of the PRIX LAURENCE 2022 youth literary competition

The finalists of the 7th European edition of the PRIX LAURENCE 2022 youth literary competition

In the framework of "Esch2022 - European Capital of Culture" and the 10th edition of its literary festival "LiteraTour", from 22 April to 21 May, the Municipality of Bettembourg (L) organised the 7th edition of its PRIX LAURENCE literary competition, aimed at young authors aged 12 to 26 (2 age categories).


In addition to Luxembourg and the Greater Region, young authors from Kaunas (Lithuania), the twin town of Esch2022, and from Valpaços (Portugal) and Flaibano (Italy), the twin towns of the Municipality of Bettembourg, took part in this European edition.


As in previous editions, the competition was a great success!


168 authors participated with 239 texts.


The following authors will present the texts listed below during the two finals with public readings for the Prix Laurence award. The Audience prize will be awarded by the public on site as well as by the participants in the voting on the Prix Laurence website (



Age category 12 - 17 years

Final with public readings on Saturday, 23 April at 11.00 am at Ciné Le Paris in Bettembourg (L) (37, rte d'Esch)

·         Gaspar Costa de Figueiredo (13), Luxembourg – Nature

·         Maria Lucas Cruz (14), Portugal - Um sonho tornado realidade

·         Tiago Delgado (15), Portugal - Valpaços- Essências naturais

·         Cheryl Fairon (17), Luxembourg - Down the rabbit hole

·         Michèle Feltes (17), Germany - Mémoires d’un esprit errant

·         Lea Jost (13), Luxembourg - The Twins and The Thief

·         Elena Lagodny (17), Luxembourg - Wannabe hero

·         Afonso Filipe Medeiros Ramos (12), Portugal - Valpaços As Palavras a Brincar

·         Marie-Laure Michem (16), Luxembourg - Revenge Of The Damned

·         Svetickaitė Mūza (17), Lithuania – Ambicijos ; Užkalbėjimas

·         Anni Myllymäki (16), Luxembourg - One to die for

·         Alexandre Sanches (16), Portugal - A Europa

·         Valentina Venti (13), Luxembourg - Rêverie : La perfection

·         Marie Viry (16), Luxembourg - L'apothéose

·         Aurelia Wells (15), Luxembourg - The poems inside



Age category 18 - 26 years

Final with public readings on Sunday, 24 April at 11.00 am in Bettembourg (L) in the "Magic Mirror" reading tent, Castle park

·         Martina Commisso (18), Italy - Lo scettro di Ra

·         Ognyan 'Flame' Darinov (22), Luxembourg - The Laddie at the Lake

·         Linas Daugėla (19), Lithuania - šaukšto megapolis

·         Evelina Gudukaitė (22), Lithuania - Sutemus ateina šviesa

·         Lee Hippert (22), Luxembourg - Une nuit d'encre

·         Jovaras Kelpšas (24), Lithuania - Antys yr

·         Milda Lileikaitė (23), Lithuania - Vanduo

·         Dominykas Matulionis (23), Litauen - Žiurknuodžiai

·         Zayn Rawil (20), France - Les peines hirondelles; Chère Isabelle Eberhardt

·         Lynn Rosa André (25), Luxembourg - An Elegy from the Riverbed

·         Caroline Ruppert (25), Luxembourg - Die Salz- und Pfefferfrau

·         Jana Schockmel (18), Luxembourg - Love and other mental illnesses (a collection of poems)

·         Ieva Marija Sokolovaitė (22), Lithuania - Epitafija mirčiai

·         Monika Staugaitytė (24), Lithuania - Karas yra televizorius…

·         Cosimo Suglia (26), Luxembourg - Héichuewen; Déifbuedem

·         Camal Tahireddine (21), Luxembourg - L’Ère où la Lumière Réfléchit; Je mens

·         Gustė Vyšniauskaitė (20), Lithuania – LiVeD


The Luxembourg jury consists of Vesna Andonovic, Martine Forty, Christiane Kremer, Christine Mandy, Jérôme Jaminet, Antoine Pohu, Thomas Schoos and Pit Hoerold.

The 6th edition of the anthology, presenting the texts of the finalists and winners of the Prix Laurence 2022, will be published in November 2022.


Join us for the 10th edition of the “LiteraTour” and the two finals of the Prix Laurence 2022.


Further information on the competition and the finals (authors and texts) as well as on how to participate in the voting for the Audience Award at

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