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The laureates of the PRIX LAURENCE 2024

The two final rounds of the Prix Laurence, a literary competition for young authors aged between 12 and 26, took place in Bettembourg on Saturday and Sunday.
The jury: Vesna Andonovic, Nicolas Calmes, Jérôme Jaminet, Sabrina Notka, Antoine Pohu, Thomas Schoos and Pit Hoerold. 

The Laureates: 

Age category 12-17 years


1st prize - Prix Laurence 2024: 

Ruben Chardome (16), Luxembourg - A poet's mind / One centimetre

2nd prize: 

Alara Klopp (17), Luxembourg - AT THE HAIDRESSER'S. Your hair apparently likes to talk

3rd prize: 

Hugo Bouvier De La Fuente (13), Luxembourg - Clonalité.2.0.

Mention spéciale du Jury: 

Noémie Turquin (17), Luxembourg - Pink Pilule

Coup de coeur du Jury : 

Charlotte Lindsey (15), Luxembourg - The Butterfly / A Ballerina
Charles Nys (12), Luxembourg - LA chute, Le déclin d'un monde (The end of a world)

Audience Award (online voting) : 

Martina Adami (15), Italy - Gaia e l'abisso magico

Age category 18-26 years


1st prize - Prix Laurence 2024: 

Leni Georges (18), Luxembourg - Preacher liked the cold

2nd prize: 

Priscille-Marie Chevrier (26), Luxembourg - De l'ailleurs / Soirées languides

3rd prize: 

Jana Schockmel (20), Luxembourg - I am a poet

Mention spéciale du Jury: 

Raquel Kisch (21), Luxembourg - (UN)SOCIAL MEDIA or the consumption of empty promises

Coup de coeur du Jury: 

Cora Frank (23), Germany - Franglais, Denglish and confusion!

Audience Award (online voting) : 

Sofia Alami Laroussi (21), Luxembourg - The dark realm of solitude

Congratulations to all the winners!

And a big thank you to all the finalists and participants in the competition.

144 young authors from Luxembourg, the Greater Region, Flaibano (Italy) and Valpaços (Portugal) took part in the 9th edition of the literary competition with 193 texts in 5 languages.


The Prix Laurence 2024 anthology with the texts of the laureates in the two age categories will be published shortly!


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