Lagodny Elena

Hussle culture

Hussle culture


Once a curious child, always a curious child.

I wonder how people go through the world without asking questions. 

I wonder if that is even possible, aren't we all alike?

In the end, this is no more than a collection of suggestions.


Once a curious child, always a curious child.

Such an overwhelmingly giant collection.

This description is only very mild,

for you are at loss when trying any reflection.


Why want to be normal, fit in?

Then try to stick out and single handedly win?

Why rush as much as only possible,

then be overwhelmed because you have lost the red string?


Why change it up to see, feel and be the new,

then turn around and want the old back?

Why leave people that you know you outgrew, 

then sit alone and have noone to fill the crack?

The questions over the years have changed.

Why can't I be this, feel that, do a great thing?

Why do they all compare and have me deranged?

I feel selfish, ignorant...and yet I want to be the king.


It is hard to always be the optimist, 

to cheer, plan, work, do all of it, always, forever.

Get a Phd, be a lawyer, doctor or scientist.

It is a lot, but I feel I do too little altogether.


Who will give me recognition?

Who will make sure I know my worth?

Who will tell me I won the competition?

Who proves to me I have a place on earth?

The truth is... noone will.

It has to come from me, the assurance.

My growth keeps going on, never stands still,

in the end, what drives you is endurance.


Treat yourself reasonably.


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