Jacobowitz Liah

I lost myself in your devil eyes

I lost myself in your devil eyes


You stole my childhood innocence,
My smiles and my decency
You violated every one of my rights
My shelter, my self esteem
and my pleasure for life
And then, I lost power, trust and love for myself
Because nothing ever broke me like your vicious eyes and your electric touch
After that night, that moment, that fraction of breaths
I knew that I would never be the same again.
A burst of emotions, of hatred, of unwanted pleasure
Leaving me in a fragile position
Of shame, deep depression and oppresion.
Rejecting everyone out of my life
And closing myself in a bubble of overthinking days
I felt guilty and deeply ashamed,
I couldn't see anything but horrid images in my nightmares
Nor could I remember anything else than this unholy act
You touched my body and crushed my soul
You caressed my curves and ruptured my soul
You kissed my hips and shattered my soul

Though, you went on with your life
Continued meeting people and enjoying your time,
I stopped there and got lost with myself,
With my mind, with my body
I felt dirty by your contact and unwanted by myself
I couldn't continue like it hadn't happen
I had to stop, take a breath
And step by step, I could go back to my routine.
You felt no impact by this night, though I fear it everytime that I am alone
Yet, the worse in this story
Is that you are not the only one with a filthy mind and a troubled soul
Traumatising some innocent, pure and virtuous humans, sometimes very young
And that, you must know, will stay within the person forever
And everytime they have a decision to take,
They will feel your heavy presence carved forever on their skins
They will fear the moment they are alone, when their thoughts start to wander
And everytime someone touches them, they will be able to picture your eyes,
Looking down on them, and that is, the most awful feeling ever.

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