Jacobowitz Liah

My home by the sea

My home by the sea

In the morning, the atmosphere is peaceful
The sunrise represents a new day, ambtitions and thoughts
Settling my emotions in philosophical reflections
Of my acts and personal direction

Later, as the world starts to wake up from their familial cocoons
The nature fills up with talking, running, lauging and swimming silhouettes
And the waves crashing on the shore
Letting a gentle, natural sound embellish the spot
The vigorous plants crawling up the walls of nature,
Lush vegetation, a flora that dances in the fresh brisk of a warm sunday afternoon

As the sun starts to vanish to the west,
The radiant colours of the evening dusk appear with
The salty, summery smell of the sea
That combine in a clement combo of joy, bliss and heavenly smiles

The night fell upon home
Yet, dancing around the fire and grilling some marshmallows
Stargazing at the obscure sky lit by the holy moon
The air is pure and open on a valley of caring spirits
And this was another day in my home, a home that I praise, admire
And with whom I have an utopian connection.

Envoyé: 10:36 Sat, 11 March 2023 by : Jacobowitz Liah age : 14