Gräfin von Oberndorff Sophia

Hidden Object

The deep forest stretched out around, like a green ocean filled with questions and mysteries. Giant heavy trees towering over one another, swaying softly through the gentle breath of air. A crispy breath filled with a scent of pine and wet wood. Limited amounts of sunlight filtering through the gaping spaces of leaves, casting shadows of nature on the earthy rich ground. Soil scattered unevenly from former passer bys, prints of paws and claws shaping the uneven grounding. The crisp air feeling alive, a freshness of breeze blended with the symphony of chirping birds and scattering leaves the same feeling as your childhood summers, and a distant murmuring of cicadas burrowed underneath the blanket of leaves.


 A soft step closer into the endless terrain, a roughly traced pathway forms, hard to see but traceable if focused, almost like an old map used by former adventurers. The trail is slightly outlined by sets of wild flowers and weeds. All plants standing up with pride, untouched and unstepped. The further the trail laid, the more embracing it began to appear. The former untouched weeds and flowers, evolving into trimmed hedges and carefully assorted bouquets of flowers, ranging from gentle blue hydrangeas, to delicate pink peonies and dainty white daisies. The once unclear pathway of rubble shaping into a carefully crafted path, purposefully laid gravel allowing an easy travel from step to step. 


As the end of the trail approached, a shimmer released itself from within the pile of fallen leaves and blown soil. So bright it was blinding, like an underground solar eclipse. Amongst the hidden leaves and tallgrass, a bronzed key with age lay half buried under the moist earthy soily. A beautifully crafted key, a key that could open doors to a palace. A key that aged with stories, it held its own history, from the craftsmanship to the purpose of it. But a sense of mystery lingered around it, because what did it truly open? Not a building in sight, not even a burrowed treasure chest next to it. But the undeniable alluring spirit it held, casting a spell on the eye. Alongside the bladelike part, a carving of swirls engraved carefully, spaced out perfectly. The swirls forming a mythical creature. The creature wearing its wings in immense pride. But under careful inspection the background of the animal reveals the exact representation of the exact spot the key was buried in.  

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