Da SIlva Sousa Briana

The dot of hope


The dot of hope

A bright tempting light whispers my name

I hesitate

But my curiosity takes over

I crawl and crawl

Until my aching feet touch something


I haven’t felt for a while

I move towards it

Towards hope


The window is wide open

No sign of wind

The sun rays on my face

I secretly hope it washes my boredom away

My eyes swiftly leave the orchard

And move towards a red dot


I squint at a clueless ladybug

Moving across the desk towards

A paper plane


So tiny in an enormous world

Makes you question your whole existence


The bug climbs into the plane

I’ve built to calm down my anxiety

And my desire to escape

Ironic that a bug is living a better life

Than me


What is it doing inside?


Hiding behind snowy walls


What an impossible word


I’d do anything to switch lives with the bug

Surrounded by the enchanting colours

We call flowers

So many kinds

All the same


My tenderness for the Mother Nature is


Such as my own bloodline

They’re everywhere

Spinning my life around


The wind appears

Taking its anger on the paper plane


Perhaps I’ll feel the warm hug of the earth

And the fervent singing of the birds again


Suddenly the air gets sucked out of my lungs


I observe as the window smashes the ladybug

Pity knocks on the door

Harmless bug

Carrying the world’s luck on its back


Except its own


The only remaining light in me

Looses its shine

All the doors close

But what if it left the key for the heart of mine?

Envoyé: 19:47 Sat, 11 March 2023 by : Da SIlva Sousa Briana age : 17