Jiang Ella


In a relentless expense desert, under the scorching sun, Sarah stands in the middle of the ground, tiny like a star in space. Miles from the city, from civilization, nothing surrounded only sand and sky. 

Sarah clicked the screen of her phone and stared at the top right corner. After ten seconds of waiting time,  she saw that there was no signal at all. She realized with a sinking heart and feeling, that she would have to solo in this adventure.

Sarah observed her surroundings, slight wind undulated the sand, creating beautiful but deadly waves. She looked up at, the vast blue, cloudless sky with a dazzling bright sun, which seemed to mock her predicament. Sarah always believed that different explorations and experiences in vast open spaces make the best parts of her life. However, in the moment of isolation bore down upon her, the excitement is replaced by vulnerability and worry. 

Refusing to be panicking, Sarah started to rationally think about the next step. She remembered the survival tips she had learned whether from the book or past experiences. Sarah rechecked and organized her backpack, she got water, some food, and a jeep car which could be also used as a source of shade from the crucial sun, most importantly, as there was no signal, she got a working compass to guide and the pivotal point to make her get out of the situation. She carefully made a plan that takes all things including energy and resource conservation, solutions when encountering emergencies without signal and devices, etc. into account, she knew the importance of them. 

Unfortunately, no signal was under Sarah’s expectations, therefore, she didn’t bring a spare clock. She kept walking without knowing the time until the sun began to dip below the horizon, painting the whole sky orange and pink. Sarah climbed to the top of a dune, hoping to see a sign of life or a change of this landscape, however she saw nothing but the magnificent sight of the desert at twilight. 

As darkness fell over the desert, Sarah stepped from the dune and returned to her jeep. As the light faded, she realized she needed to locate a secure area to camp for the night. She used her compass and knowledge of her surroundings to navigate toward a cluster of rocky outcrops where she had previously camped.

Sarah arrived at the rocks and set up her tent, making sure her items were ready for the night. She sat by the tiny fire she had created, cooked a basic meal, and thought about the events of the day. Despite the difficulties she encountered, Sarah felt a sense of peace over her.

Under the covering of stars, Sarah took peace in the vastness of the desert, recognizing that she was not alone even in her loneliness. With a new feeling of purpose, she fell asleep, knowing that the next day would bring fresh obstacles as well as new opportunities for adventure and discovery.












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