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The dark realm of solitude

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The dark realm of solitude. (2023) 

By Sofia Alami-Laroussi


Lack of love is a curse, especially if you want to escape it and be at peace with yourself, especially when you want to be surrounded by an imaginary and desired light, especially when you want to feel intense and immortal happiness.

My definition of loneliness is simple and at the same time complicated; it is a deep emotional pain in the soul/heart and not being able to feel comfortable with your own being for fear of the imaginary abandonment of your own self, it is an irrational hatred of solitude and unconditional love to the rejection of oneself, it is a fear of the dark and not being able to find the light in any corner of the so hated, dull and complicated world, and it is the ignorance of self and the dread of knowing this same ignorance of oneself.

This fear hurts, because you do not really know who you are, you only know that you are existing for a purpose that no one can tell you, you are lost and you must understand the reason why you have been and are lost, you must understand why you are what you are and why you exist, you must learn to know the unknown of your self, and that terror of the unknown makes you bleed and feel dead.

How bad must the world be that the human being is afraid to be alone with her self?

How bad must the world be to be afraid of abandonment, both real and imaginary?

How bad must the world be that hatred is very present in the human heart?

It is lovely, at the same time as painful, how we desire to have a hero, a hero who grasps our delicate and broken bodies in her strong arms, a hero who sees us with confidence, security, and many other qualities that we lack for our being. She can grasp a soul bandage, stop the bleeding of the so hated and loved human pain, and wipe our tears of blood with her white hands. The fact that what I am describing is imaginary already hurts and makes me lose water from my eyes, and it is one of the infinite reasons that makes us feel in a loop of immortal and infinite agony.

Since we start our experience and existence as human beings, humanity automatically destroys us, humanity breaks us, humanity kills us, and it is our duty to fix with gold everything that has been taken and killed from us; that is the meaning of life that we have been educated and learned by force, to fix what we have been broken in a corrupted and dead realm, to heal in an abyss that must not frighten us with its terrifying dullness and with our own imaginary soul force, with our gaze raised and our souls bloodied and dead, move forward to a future that is already a dead end and killed by the broken humanity itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my definition of loneliness, represented with the vision of a Dark realm of solitude as a metaphor. I hope you never enjoy it, because it is a truth that nobody wants to admit to themselves, because unfortunately, they were born broken and damaged enough to realize that humanity is, in a pure reality, evil, demonic, monstruous, and last but not least, dead.



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