Bales Hannah

A War Scene from Afar

A war scene from afar

By Hannah Bales


She opens her eyes, too early in the morning,

A wave of fear rolls over her like a warning,

Cold breezes in her head and her mind

The thoughts on repeat: Has the night been kind?


A shiver, then silence – still nothing to feel

But pain in her chest, it confirms that she’s real

And as much as she wants to, she could never wake up

For her dreams have been stolen - when will it stop?


She thinks:


Being with them would be bad, but being here is much worse

Yet what’s there to do when a life has been cursed?

When actions don’t matter, there’s no one to trust

When all they have worked for is broken or lost?


Is this a fight about a life in sorrow that we’re meant to lead

A challenge to see whether we’re strong or we’re weak

While a man holds their lives in his small, little hands

We watch him rule. Who understands? Who understands?


The horror is miles away but not oceans apart

Hundreds are killed every day it is breaking her heart

Knowing just how the world sees, but no one gets up

She cries: Are they too weak or just don’t want it to stop?


In her head and outside is a cruel, raging a war

All that she wants is them to tell her what they’re leading it for –

Know why we here we hide, we don’t talk, we don’t see

Why don’t we dare to speak up – for her, for them, for you, for real?

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