Alami Laroussi Sofia

A nihilistic, humanistic and dark imaginary philosophical point of view, the short writing

A nihilistic, humanistic and dark imaginary philosophical point of view, the short-writing.

By Sofia Alami-Laroussi

The world is a dark, cold and burning physical reality, humanity is a huge herd of demons living at the expense of that darkness, that darkness is fed by the ego, anger, hatred, and everything that humanity itself represents.

Many would say that nature created said darkness and therefore, these demons, but humanity also made an imaginary creation, a creation that could explain all kinds of questions regarding their existence, an all-powerful benevolent god who forgives and controls everything. 

Humanity desperately wants to believe that there is something good to believe in, that there is something that controls its destiny and forgives all its sins, that there is something to fight for, there is something to take care of, that there is a light of hope that resides in the depths of the soul and that illuminates even the darkest dullness. but.. is that perspective even true?

That light of hope that resides in each soul is what keeps us steadfast, we can all feel it because we are all living by and because of it. We know we have it, we let it encourge us, and with it we enlighten those who cannot see it on their own.

That light of hope is what many call God, because thanks to it that loneliness is not so painful,

Thanks to it we can stand and move forward,

Thanks to it we can illuminate and drive away our wildest demons,

Thanks to it we have superpowers,

Thanks to it we can face death itself.

Another humanistic interpretation of God is to know the oneself and from there have a self-observation towards the existence and life in question, but..

What good comes from it if our grave is awaiting us in the other corner?

What good does it do for us to be empathetic and loved, if we or they are going to break our hearts the day we all disconnect from our lives? 

What good is it do to possess emotional connections if the maximum we can give to them are empty promises that we will always be together and safe with our joint existence, even when death itself is laughing at that promise?


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