McGinty Ellie

Where Even The Light Daren’t Go

Where Even The Light Daren't Go

The old, decrepit house, partially obscured by fingers of mist, grasping desperately at the air, loomed above the barren trees. What once must have been beautiful, ornate, white moulding had faded to a splotchy ochre, making the smashed-in windows look like gaping mouths with yellowed teeth, screaming silently into the forest. 

The original façade of the building had long since rotted away, save for a few scraps of peeling, mouldy paint, desperately trying to escape the rusty nails holding it hostage against decaying wooden beams. Wind whistled through the exposed wooden slats, and maggots wormed their way in and out of a network of hollow veins, their pallid bodies writhing. The cobbled stone foundation of the house had long since crumbled, and roots had forced their way up through the front porch, creating ragged tears in the floor, flooring which was stained with patches of crimson. It might have been wine from the occasional party of teenagers who made their way into the woods at night, daring each other to step foot into the stifling darkness within the building...but it could just as well have been blood.

Even the wildlife seemed to know better than to venture nearby; an eerie silence filled the clearing, not even a slight rustle in the undergrowth to be heard. All animals except for the crows, that was, which were perched atop the house's pointed roof, their heads twitching from side to side as they glanced, with a curious malevolence, at the ground below.

The forest floor was covered in litter, with red plastic cups with white rims, and smashed beer bottles had scattered shards of glass amongst fallen leaves. The house looked like a shred from the past, twisted and decayed from being dragged into the present against its will, into a time in which it didn't belong.


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