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Field Perspectives


Field Perspectives  



Person A:  

I was lying in the center of a grassy field close to home. I didn’t know what time it was. Presumably early in the afternoon, as the sun was still bright in the sky shining right upon me.  


 I enjoyed lying in the long grass, absorbing the warm sun, and feeling my cheeks go tinted red as they fired up from the sunshine. I felt at peace here, as if all my worries disappeared.   


In front of me was a tall cotton thistle with white woolly hairs on it, which made an interesting contrast against the green field around it. The fields stretched out endlessly. It was such a peaceful place to be, and I could feel myself beginning to drift off into dreamland…  


The firm soil was warm due to the weather. I felt as if I was sitting on a stove. It hadn't seemed like it was a long time since I left. My city bike lay near me, the basket infested in small bugs and crawling creatures. A few rotten apples were nibbling on that I was going to give the horses in the field opposite me.   


I had always loved this field when I was younger. I would bike here after long schooldays, making long daisy chains and flower crowns. There were always these two horses I came to see, a black sleek Friesian Horse and a swift tall chestnut horse. They were very gentle and belonged to an old farm, a walk away from the field.   


This time I brought my little sister. My younger sister stood around looking without interest. She was lunging back and forth with a volleyball covered in tan mud in her hands after letting it slide into a dirty pond.  



Sister of Person A:   

My sister took me to the dullest place I have ever visited. I just wished to return home. I'm in a boring field that appears to be like any other field.  


I was hungry. I remember that we had bagels at home, which made my stomach growl like a starving lion. My mouth watered just thinking about a toasted cream cheese bagel.  


I begged my sister to return home, but she was now lying in the field. I'm not sure how she wasn't frightened of the creepy crawling bugs all around her. Her bike basket was bulging with little insects. Gross, I thought to myself.  





The Sun:   

I am a star that is responsible for the growth of plants, animals, and humans.   


I give off heat and light which makes things like flowers bloom and make people feel happy. People also believe that my bright light helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain- this hormone has been linked with mood enhancement, making us more alert and focused. In fact, many scientists think that life would not exist without me!   


Out of all the objects in our solar system, I am by far the largest one - meaning I have an impact on everything around me.   


My presence increases happiness levels as well as releasing serotonin into their brains; something which seems necessary for their optimum mental health.  




Suddenly, a massive monster-looking thing came across crushing and stomping on me with its big feet. I had been mashed down into the soil.   


My perfect towering strands flattened, suffocating, getting in no airThis monstrous creature is destroying my companions. Stomping on my favorite little pestsSeeing them die fills me with rage and dread. I despise these loud, whiny creatures; they disrupt my days.  




A darkness fell across me. A shadow casted my village. My nerves tingled with fear. I knew it had to be one of those terrifying monstrous two-legged creatures called humans coming for me.  


 I'd been afraid of them since I was a baby. I frantically searched for my family, but they were nowhere to be found.   


I panicked, scurrying around, sprinting with my stubby legs to get away. I squeaked out. A huge rope (shoelace) swung directly in front of me from the human's shoe. I paused, closing my eyes shut as quickly as I could.   


Holding in my air. The shoe smacked on the ground, causing the dirt to tremble; it was as if I had just experienced an earthquake. Each approach caused the roads in my village to shudder, the sound almost like thunder.  


 As the huge foot landed near me, I scurried like I'd never scurried before. The stomp landed on my friend's tiny ant colony. The monster's foot was only a few millimetres away from mine. As the two-legged monster's foot landed in my neighbourhood, I leapt into the air. I'd never felt such terror before. I'd never felt so near to a human.  


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