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The Framing

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The Framing


Nyla was stomping through the outside entrance, trying to reach the courthouse without getting drenched in the pouring London rain.


On her right was Nyla’s lawyer, Ms. Keath and on her left was her mother. They were surrounded by news reporters, paparazzi, other lawyers that thought that she was the murderer of her best friend, flashing cameras at them so bright, making them not be able to see where they were walking towards.


The two large wooden gates open, they rush in taking off their coats and hats because they no longer have to cover their faces for the articles.


They walk into the courtroom full of people, some that she knew of but could not remember, and some that she recognised by first glance. 


The judge starts the trial, Ms. Keath starts questioning the first witness, a pathologist, Mr. Bates.


While Ms. Keath is strongly talking about her bestfriends autopsy report, Nyla can’t help but look to the table on her left, where she notices her best friend's mother.


She was staring at her with her bright blue ocean coloured eyes, a sarcastic smile on her face and a single tear drop slowly dripping down her cheek, wiping the foundation off her pale face and leaving its mark.


Nyla wanted to talk to her, she had so much to ask, to say, to tell. Even though she knew no one was believing her because of the position she was in right now.


Nyla kept replaying her speech in her head, what was she going to say? What could make her seem believably guilty? The judge had something to say, you could see her mouth opening, it was almost the end of the trial. Even the police outside were waiting for her to spit it out. She finally said it,


“Nyla Jones, you are guilty of the first degree murder of Lyla Roberts and serving a life sentence, any word you say can and will be used against you!”


Her heart felt shattered.


How could Nyla even have the will to do such a thing to Lyla, tears started pouring from her eyes, her legs started going numb, her left ear was in a ringing pain and her right had gone deaf. Everybody was staring at her walking down the hall with two officers, holding her left and right arm. She was replaying what had happened that night in her head as she walked down.


It was 10:30 pm, December 10th, when Nyla stormed into Lyla’s dorm room because of the crying she had heard from sharing the same wall with her. She ran inside and saw Lyla crying on the side of her bed. She asked what was wrong but all she was saying was yelling at her to get out and that Nyla had betrayed her, that she never wanted to see her face again.


Before Nyla could ask her for an explanation, Lyla ran up to the door and pushed her outside, smashing the door in her face. Nyla heard the gold lock click and put her ear on the door.


Lyla’s crying had stopped so Nyla decided to leave her some space, hoping to talk about it the next morning, over a blistering hazelnut latte with extra whipped foam, her favourite. Her tears slowly slid down the door as Nyla went back to her room.


Thirty minutes after that, Lyla had killed herself, leaving a note that Nyla had done it, and how.


And suddenly it all clicked, although everyone was looking at her, the only person she could see whilst walking out was her best friend’s mother.


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