Cavuoto Sarah

The Ninth Wind

Sprouting faster than the forest's moss,

Tulips drawing eyes from every stone,

We were the same to the very last bone,

We were the ocean and everything across.


But now we are the Sun and Moon,

Comets that will never align again,

The stars did not predict this early noon,

The bifurcation pulling on us with its chain.


Yet, moonlight emerges from the sun's rays,

A divine connection always finds its own ways,

So no matter how it will take place,

Ensuing light recreated in its very own pace.


Until then I am with Aeolus,

A present spirit, no matter how echoless,

The dove put into Emily's dress,

A tributary flowing towards nothing but us.


I am in every atom surrounding you,

Every elation and sorrow, every pain we knew,

And until Clotho reunites perfect harmony,

I am in every single space separating us,

Sitting and waiting with my apology.

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