VENTI Valentina




It’s always been hard for me to realise

Who I really am, what I really love

For some days I fantasize

About the sky above.


We were children, young and free

But are we prisoners now ?

Prisoners of what ?

Of time, of work or maybe...


Maybe we are our own prisoners

Locked up by our thoughts

Our tenebrosity thoughts,

Our fears or just ourselves.


Maybe we are as free as a bird,

But our wings are broken,

So, we can’t fly and fail

Then fall and maybe learn.


Again and again, it brings me

To these scary questions

Are we lost ? Are we free ?

Are we awake or are we just dreaming ?


My writings are an imaginary land

They are deep although a little blind

And to read those pieces of who I am,

Would be to read a part of my mind.


Who said that dreaming was such a shame ?

Who said that we always needed someone to blame ?

We shall love the others a little more,

And look at ourselves just like we’d look at a rainbow.


We humans are complex, as they say,

But isn’t that because of society ?

Because of what we force ourselves to be ?

Because everything seems to matter,


From what we wear to what we say.


No boundaries for being perfect,

But having to be just like the others

And not showing our feelings too much,

Are what we need for society’s respect.


So many nights I cried alone in my room

So many nights I told myself life was tough

So many nights I had to presume

That I was not good enough.


Too many nights.


Now it’s time to smile and love and live

To cry, to feel, to fall and to achieve,

To watch, to laugh, to meet fearlessly,

It’s time to live and love fiercely.


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