Simonyte Ruta

I thought I had the solution

I thought I had the solution


“Ring ring ring.. Laying on the couch with my best friend Sara, I look over to see my phone shake as it lights up the dark room. Ring.. keeps vibrating, jumping up and down, I let out a sigh as I walk over. I check my phone, four missed calls. What does Amy want? I picked up the phone, something was off, the reflection of my phone in my eyes, the only light hitting my face was my phone. 


“Hey Ames” I whispered to avoid waking the house up 


“Hey, sorry for calling so late, what are you doing?” she says with her shaking voice


“Nothing watching tv, how about you?” 




“Oh, to who? Why so late? Go to sleep”


“I will” she says with a stutter.


“Can I call you tomorrow? '' I said as I was looking over at Sara, I obviously wouldnt.


“Oh yeah, sure, thought you might want to talk” shew says deceptively


“Yeah, I can't, sorry” I quickly hung up, thinking it was funny.


Ring ring ring.. Sara’s phone starts vibrating. Amy called. We roll our eyes. Sara hesitates picking up the phone. 


Amy attempts starting conversation:


“Hey, what are you doing” 


“Nothing, I'm about to go to sleep'' 


“Oh okay, I'm just writing. Do you think you can talk?”


“Uh, sure, about what?” Sara says as she gives me a bad look


“Oh i dont know, how was your day?” Amy says as she tries to come up with a conversation starter


“ Fine, I actually have to go to sleep though, i'll call you tomorrow”


“Alright, bye” Amy answers. 


The next morning Sara and I woke up with two letters my mum took out the mailbox, addressed to my house but with different names on them. 


We start reading them aloud they begin the same:


“Dear Name,

Please know that this wasn’t me….I’ve been gone for so long I can’t even remember who I am anymore. My time has come. “


Two pages of stories of our personal experiences together. 


Tears rushed up to my eyes, I started questioning myself. I pick up my phone and decide to call her. A loud beep scratches out of my phone and a generated sounding voice says: 

“the wireless caller you are calling is not available” .


My hands start shaking and my phone falls to the floor. With a tear running down my face I took a deep breath and flew out the door to Amy’s house, she didnt live far. 


Sara presses the doorbell. It felt although the key was turning for days, the metal keychain accessories hitting eachother making a sound. The door finally opens as do my arms waiting for a big hug from Amy. 

Instead Amys mum, Rachel, opens the door, puffy eyes, red eyebags. Without her saying the words me and Sara understood what was going on. I thought I had the solution.


3…2..1 we breakdown. ”


I hope everyone here, including myself, will take this story as a lesson in the future. Standing over her body today, may she rest in peace. I'm sorry Ames.


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