Rivron Martinelli Lucile

The Sickness

I roam, I spy, I slither.

I clutch my prey;

I don’t like letting go.

I seep into your body and slowly eat you up

Until your filthy guards exterminate me.

But I always come back, I’m always there

The ever-present shadow

Looming in the darkness

Waiting for a weakness,

A flaw in your fortress.


I burn, I scratch, I harm.

I seize you in a dance of flames;

Flames that devour your very existence

Until you are nothing but an empty shell.

I am an instrument of torture

Designed to inflict pain.

I laugh as you grit your teeth and pray

For me to go away.

You turn and twist,

Writhe and scream

But your loyal guards

Have been killed.


Beware of the lurking shadows,

Beware of the jumping flames,

And never leave your doors open,

Nor your fortress without defence.


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