Gruodytė Audrė


Cupcakes or pepper spray

Does not really matter

When a guy you like is most likely gay


Cupcakes or pepper spray

A man in the elevator alone

Is a threat to you on any given day


Cupcakes and pepper spray,

A teenage boy and a young woman

A teenage boy in a young woman’s


Vital serum or poison

Or chemical X

Or sugar

And spice

No thank you for everything nice

Nice, sweet, pleasant, tasty

Is it me

Or a cupcake


I ate that cupcake

Like you ate me

In a similar way

I am not sure is it sexual

I personally do not want to be consumed

Can’t speak for that cupcake



with fear

out of fear

without fear

Will my boundaries

Will my body



Do not move.




Bitter and sour

My skin

It tricked you

It smelled like a cupcake

Bitter and sour

My face?

No, a pepper spray


Bitter and sour

Or you thought I will taste like a cake

It did not matter to you

You still ate me like a cupcake

The way I gave you a sugar rush

You gave me shivers and tears

Sugarless, bitter, empty

Like my pepper spray


You consume all

Only a paper left

It’s no difference to you

A girl or a cupcake

My only hope is your fatal death from diabetes


Pepper cupcake

Cupcake spray

Spread your legs

You say


I wish to have more choices than death or pepper spray


I wish for cupcakes

But get seen as prey

Spread your legs

Or pepper spray


We end up meeting at night

Somewhere between pepper and spray

I don’t want to be alone

that has to



We end up meeting at night

Beneath the dying stars

You and me

Who will die

You or me


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