Alessandro Novelli


Warm beams from heaven penetrating through the clouds raining down on my back leaving a residue of crystals from the ocean's depths. Floating, face down lost in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Blood which violently gushed out from my body now slowly flowing like a mountain stream into a lake. The crimson blood diffuses through the salty clear liquid, creating a dark scar in the vast turquoise sea. Strangely enough, the pain from my injury dissipates as I surrender to the peacefulness of floating in the open water.

The gentle current carries me further into the unknown, the water embracing every inch of my being. My senses heightened as I surrendered to the rhythm of the waves, a surreal dance with nature. 

The horizon stretches endlessly, a seamless blend of sky and sea, a boundless expanse of tranquility. The symphony of the ocean, a lullaby that soothes my weary soul, as I continue to float weightlessly in this liquid sanctuary.

My lungs start to deplete as I hold my breath, fighting against gravity to remain afloat, but the calm and serenity of the water compels me to let go. As I sink deeper into the water, my worries and troubles dissolve into the depths below, leaving me weightless and free in this ethereal world. 

Descending deeper, the ocean floor emerges from the shadows, revealing a mesmerizing world of coral reefs and vibrant marine life. The ocean's vastness reminds me of my insignificance in the grand scheme. 

The gunshot wound is a distant memory as I observe the intricate dance of colors and shapes below. 

My worries begin to dissolve with each passing moment, replaced by a sense of peace and wonder at the hidden beauty of the underwater realm. The soft sand caresses my body as I drift closer, the gentle touch a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things in this vast, mysterious universe. My consciousness slowly slipped away as I succumbed to the embrace of the ocean, knowing that at this moment, I am truly free and at peace.


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