Costa Medeiros Sara Raquel

Heather and the Devil

Her foot was light as a feather,

She went by the name of Heather.

And I can say, and she would agree

That everything was her fault to be.

She walked with the devil hand in hand,

Longing for sea and sand.

He was able to poison her mind,

But her soul the devil spared for she was always kind.

Her eyes were the definition of deception.

Doomed were those who managed to escape her luring complexion.

She always danced around with dignity,

Yet her words never once showed mercy.

How many times can you break somebody’s heart?

The answer, she knew, was hidden behind her art.

But haunt was all she did,

For she knew that she could only truly be liked,

If Heather turned into a ghost at night.


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