Mazourine Vera

I use to word 'because' as a club

I use the word 'because' as a club.


My brother had asked me why I was against going back to visit 

My grandparents over the summer.


Here is what I did not say.


Because the house is forgotten. 

Because it is barely standing, because it is sagging under the memories 

Which had 

Eaten away its foundations. 

Because the calendar was left open

On its last page, four years ago. 

Because the house is too big,

With its ceilings and rooms and extra beds for gone brothers. 

It’s too small now because,

The mirrors are all the right heights.  

The bed too short, the clothes too tight, the floor too new from old renovations - 

Four years ago. Because

The garden’s overgrown and needs racking, 

And I can’t.


Because when I wake up in my room, 

My eyes hit the roof window

And I think I'm dreaming.




I use the word 'sometimes' as a band aid. 

Some-times, not always, some times. 


Here’s what I did not dare think.


Sometimes I wish I was back there,


Not always - I'm too busy wishing for other things, chasing other dreams,

Or on the contrary, trying to not care anymore,




Sometimes I miss my art class, the orange and grey of my neighbourhood, 

And sometimes even the beautiful backstabbing friends

And the double-sphere white-chocolate-panda candies which someone gave out without fail,

Every Halloween. 


In my dreams, when I creep into my old school, attend shimmering classes and wave hello to 

People that I was too afraid to keep in touch with,

I relive every scenario, play every character, and I yearn


But corridors bend and break, and it is clear,

I do not fit in anymore. 


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