Emilija Gaidytė

One step into my new life

The sun had set hours ago but the stars still twinkled high above the city like an eternal reminder of the mysteries the night held. I’m sitting here, on the roof, alone, with my thoughts. I’m relaxed even though I have a lot of work to do before tomorrow’s graduation. ‘’Camilla! Where are you?!’’I hear my father yelling. I don’t respond. ‘’Camilla!’’I hear the voice getting closer to me. I’m silent. I don’t want to talk right now. Especially with my father. All I want to do is sit here, look at the stars, and think about how fast time has flew. Graduation. It’s tomorrow. All the lectures, tests and essays are done. The teachers who I had grown so close with won’t be around anymore. The school is over. And I still don’t know what I want to do with my life.

‘’Camilla, what are you doing here?!’’I hear a plummy voice next to me. I look up and see my father’s face full of worry. He holds out his hand, but I don’t take it. He quietly sighs and sits next to me. ‘’What are you thinking about?’’he asks.‘Future.’’I coldly reply.‘’What’s there to think about? You start working in family business on Monday.’’he commands. My face contorts in desperate rage. Although I want to scream and shout at him, I don’t. I also don’t respond. I feel him getting farther away from me. I feel so much more relaxed than when he was here. My father chose a life for me, one that I don’t want. But I will not listen to him. And soon I’m going to tell my family the news about my life after school graduation.

It’s THE day. I can feel the excitement echoing through the room. I look in the mirror. I see a young female with beautiful green eyes and long brunette hair wearing a beautiful emerald green dress. Stunning. I feel so confident today. I walk out of the house and get to the car. I look around to see all my family waiting for me there to give me a graduation gift. We drive off on the same road I travel every day to school. There is an air of anticipation that hangs around us like a warm blanket.

And we’re finally here. I notice all my classmates looking so grown now.When the time came for me to walk across the stage and accept my diploma, I felt like my heart was about to burst with happiness.

The ceremony went by in a blur. When driving back home my family was all happy for me, but I was nervous. I knew I will have to tell them the news in a few hours. As soon as we got home, I ran to my room to change into more comfortable clothes. ,,Camilla, dinner’s ready!’’I hear. I quickly grab my phone and come downstairs. I see my family looking all happy. Delicious smell of my mom’s food is making me hungry. I sit down to dinner with my family. We are sitting in silence, so I start to feel uncomfortable. Suddenly my dad speaks up. He talks about how proud he is of my achievements and me. Unknowingly tears started flowing down my cheek. Even though I know it wasn’t me who wanted to achieve all of those things. I see my mom tearing up. For next few hours we talked about the future and what it was going to be like. Everyone had advice about life, and I just nodded my head and pretended to listen. ‘’Camilla, why you’re so quiet today?’my mother asks. ’I want to talk to you both,I anxiously answer the question. Yes?’my parents both say. I know you want me to work in your business, but that's not what I want. I want to travel the world. I want to feel freedom. I don’t want to feel your pressure.’’I feel apprehensive and fearful at the same time. I’m waiting. What are they going to say? My mom just smiled and told me ‘’I just want you to be happy’’ But dad. He was not happy at all. He just looked at me without saying a single word. I was so scared. Then he finally spoke up. ‘’No. You’ll do as you’re told to. We are your parents and you’re going to listen to us.’’I was shocked and hurt. I know he wants what’s best for me, but he can’t know what’s actually good for my life and me. ‘’My flight is tomorrow. I’m not coming back,’’I confidently say. I see how mad my father is, but I don’t care anymore. I go up to my room and start searching for flight tickets. I don’t have a lot of money right now, so I’m searching for cheap flights. I know it’s impulsive. I’m just so overwhelmed with emotions and the thought of a better life that I have to get away from here.

I spent the night anxiously packing my bags, saying farewell to my friends. And now it’s 10 am and I’m in the airport. I feel scared and excited to start a new chapter of my life. I take a deep breath, knowing that the journey ahead of me is going to be full of many unknowns and potential hardships. However, I can’t help but feel a certain sense of liberation; I am finally taking destiny into my own hands and creating the life I want. I don’t have a clear plan of what I’m going to do yet. All I know is that I’m flying to Hawaii with no job or a place to live. I hear ‘’your flight is now boarding’’ and feel like I’m just about to go on the ride of my life.

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