Spreafico Giacomo Bernardo

Ben, The Boy Who Crossed The Street

Ben was a mischievous blond boy.

He always hid his smallest toy,

Just to get new and bigger games;

The small toys he threw in the flames.

Ben loved bending his parents’ rules,

Treating his parents like mules.


One day Ben went for a walk

And passed a beautiful dock.

Which of course he didn’t care about,

So, he decided to call out:

“What an ugly dock you have there,

I would rather see a dead bear!”


One of dull Ben’s parents’ rule was:

Look left and right before you cross!

But Ben did not look left and right,

And then he saw a bright, white light.


And that was the last thing he saw,

He didn’t have time to utter “Aw!”

His parents found him as a crepe

And wrapped him in a black drape.

The dad announced “Not one more toy

For this rude and spoilt little boy!”


Note for the reader: This is a cautionary tale; it warns readers about dangers and their punishments/consequences. It is a little gruesome in the end, but only so that young readers listen to their elders.

It is written in iambictetremetre: in each line there are four iambs, which means that there are eight syllables (a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed syllable).

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